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  • June 06, 2019 2:45 (GMT+3)

  • We wish to you enjoy our Abaddon ^^

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    [Patch List]

    Hello dear players, we did some patches regarding

    1. Add Fight Scroll for 1 gold in npc
    2. Add Honor Rank 4x1 in npc price , 3k Copper
    3. Icons vsro , angel s completely fixed.
    4. Security patches applied.
    5. Improved Server stability.
    6. We improved our server stability
    7. Updated our security.
    8. disable high speed.

    ~ Abaddon Crew.

    Dear Users,


    - is finally open!
    - you had a new challange!
    - try a adventure

    to save Abaddon from thives.

    Server Stats

    PlayersOnline: 123/1000
    ServerNow: Online

    • [BOT]System

    Server Info

    • Cap: 110
    • Start Level: 110
    • Race: CH/EU
    • Max Plus: 24
    • HWID: Off
    • Union Limit: 2
    • Guild Limit: 50

    Fortress War

    Server Time

    Fortress Reg: Every Day

    Server Time:
    Global Time:

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